Coronavirus Contingency Planning

Monday, 16 March 2020

Updated: 19th March 2020

We are writing to let you know our contingency plans for possible impacts of the Coronavirus.

We have prepared plans for essential working, which prioritise resources away from any non-essential activities.  For example, we have cross-trained staff in essential tasks and have made plans to enable mobile/home working to mirror our repairs desk etc.

Given the advice not to undertake non-essential travel and to minimise contact, we have to focus on emergency and urgent repairs only. We will also do everything we can to ensure health and safety compliance testing remains up to date. We would however, remind everyone of the necessity to undertake active risk assessments on the ground, and ask people to co-operate with us to keep people safe.

How you can help us?

In the event that tenants or support staff become infected or require self-isolation please let us know quickly.  We will restrict any tenancy support staff visits to the property to essential health and safety matters.  We shall of course monitor advice from the Public Health England.

Should you decide to relocate a tenant to an alternative address or location for protection or isolation reasons we will need to be advised so any necessary paperwork can be completed, although we believe presently this will be unlikely.


We are asking all tenants and their support colleagues to contact us via email wherever possible with any repair requests that may arise during this period of disturbance. It may be necessary to focus attention on the most urgent issues should staffing be adversely affected by the Coronavirus outbreak.

Emergency repairs typically include issues such as

  • Gas leaks – call 0800 111 999 – 24 hours a day
  • Complete failure of electricity supply
  • Faults on Fire Alarm System/Panel
  • Faulty door locks to high security rooms (front & backdoors)
  • Blocked main drain
  • Burst pipe/tank causing flooding
  • Complete failure of heating/hot water
  • Blocked WC (where there is only one)

Customer Safety

Public Health England have issued advice for coronavirus (COVID – 19). We are currently continuing to undertake essential health and safety checks, such as gas appliance and fire alarm servicing, as normal and will attend booked appointments as scheduled.

In the event that a gas service inspection is due and self-isolation is in place, we will ask everyone in the property to take extra care when using gas appliances (gas cooker, boiler and gas fires). If you smell gas at any time, please contact National Gas emergency number immediately on – 0800 111 999.

We are regularly monitoring updates and will continue to follow the latest advice and guidance from the government.  Customers who are told to self-isolate by NHS 111 are asked to inform Reside at the earliest opportunity by calling Reside on 0208 255 5220.  They are advised to also contact their support provider.

With kind regards

Gavin Rendall

Director of Housing Operations

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