Coronavirus (Covid-19) Contingency Planning – Issue 2 – 7th April 2020

Tuesday, 21 April 2020

Dear Colleague

We are writing to keep you updated on our ongoing contingency plans to ensure we offer the best possible service in these very difficult times.  I would also like to extend a huge “Thank you” to everyone for your support and understanding during this period, it’s very much appreciated.

We have implemented our plans for continued essential working, which prioritises our available resources away from any non-essential activities.  All staff are now working from home and have cross department responsibility to ensure we deliver the best possible service to you.   Our IT services have been restructured to ensure staff are able to work from home with minimal disruption.   

Given the ongoing advice to not undertake travel unless it’s essential or for emergency requirements we have restricted any tenancy support staff visits to properties.  Our service, however, continues to offer emergency and health and safety essential services. 


Compliance works such as water hygiene, gas safety testing and essential fire safety works are being undertaken where necessary or required by law.  Members of our compliance team may contact you to arrange this.

Where your annual property inspection is due to be undertaken by your Tenant Support Officer, they will instead contact you to request that you undertake basic safety checks, which they will explain and guide you through.

In the event that a gas service inspection is due and self-isolation is in place, we will ask everyone in the property to take extra care when using gas appliances (gas cooker, boiler and gas fires). If you smell gas at any time, please contact National Gas emergency number immediately on – 0800 111 999. 

If you have any other property related health and safety concerns please contact our Compliance Team on 020 8255 5220 during office hours or your normal out of hours service number.

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