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Thursday, 14 October 2021

After joining Reside almost eight years ago, Rebecca Coppini is now a key member of staff in the Finance team and is the Purchase Ledger Accountant. After completing her degree in Accountancy and Business at Portsmouth University, she joined Reside and has never looked back. In her blog, she talks about the challenges of her job and why she enjoys it so much.

“My job involves monitoring all the money that leaves Reside, for example our lease rents and the supply and utility invoices to maintain our properties, along with any central admin costs, like agencies and solicitors. I have my two colleagues Aqsa and Liyou to help process the invoices – it’s a lot of work!

I like the fact that I’m involved in every aspect of the business, I have my fingers in a lot of pies and I really enjoy it. I like the insight into how other departments operate. I work closely with the Maintenance Team as it’s important that we code the invoices correctly, so that they are assigned to the right property and the right expense code. I also work with the Business Development Team on leases, rent abatement and indexation.

When I started at Reside, we were a much smaller organisation, so I was able to work in both sales and purchase. As we grew, these two function were separated, so I chose to work in purchase ledger as I really loved it. I’ve completed half of my exams with the Chartered Institute of Management, so I’ll be looking to compete that the future to become a qualified accountant.

I would say that the most challenging part of my job is the time restraint for the monthly accounts. We work to very tight deadlines at the end of each month to process all the data into the system. We rely on our colleagues to make sure we complete everything, but there are always bumps in the road! We absolutely can’t miss the deadlines – in finance we want to make everything as accurate as possible.

I’m looking forward to working with Progress in the coming months. It seems like they look after their staff, who have been with them for a long time which shows something to me. I think they have a good reputation and because they’re bigger, we can benefit from their knowledge and procurement. Last month our finance team went to Preston for a team building day and we got to know the Progress finance team through some fun ice breakers.

Believe it or not, I’ve always wanted to be an accountant since I was young because I’m good at maths – it is quite literally my dream job! What we do as an organisation and the people that we support is what gets me up in the morning. Even though my role isn’t customer facing, I know that without the money, there wouldn’t be any property, or maintenance, water, or heating for example. We all have our role to play in the process in supporting people with complex needs.”

Rebecca Coppini

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