First aid training for Reside staff

Tuesday, 21 September 2021

Some of our staff at our Head Office recently attended a first aid training course, run by the Red Cross. Covid has brought about some changes to the traditional training techniques, as explained by Sarah Cannon and Paul Taylor.

Sarah Cannon, Receptionist/Administrator

“I found the training both insightful and entertaining – our trainer led us with a very practical approach. He delivered important information in a way that kept everyone focussed and alert. My favourite bit was probably having both my arms bandaged at the same time by my colleagues. I learnt about treating chemical burn and how you are now meant to run a burn under cold water for 20 minutes instead of 10. I also learnt there are studies going on about whether or not mouth to mouth is actually needed in CPR. Currently because of Covid we are advised not to give mouth to mouth and just focus on chest compressions.”

Paul Taylor, Business Development Coordinator

“I found this course more about practical first aid than the one I had previously attended four years ago. That felt more admin-based, ie filling out accident forms afterwards. My certificate had expired so it was good to see how first aid techniques have been adjusted for the Covid times we find ourselves in. Particular parts of the course I hadn’t received training on before were seizures and choking, so I think I would be more comfortable if confronted with either of those situations now.”

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