Reporting repairs with the right information

Tuesday, 25 May 2021

Beau Rickerby, our new Head of Maintenance at Reside is settling into his role and ensuring the services we provide to our tenants are first rate. In his blog he talks about reporting repairs and what you can do to ensure your issue is fixed quickly

“It’s vital that we get repairs right first time for our tenants.

When repairs are reported to us we rely on our tenants, their support providers or their family members to provide us with key information so that we can plan our next steps.

One of the challenges we come up against is not having the right details to share with our external contractors. We have had a few occasions where we have been given the wrong address and an incorrect description of the repair. When a call is logged with our repairs team, they will ask for location details and a brief description of the repair, grading it according to whether it requires an emergency response.

Unfortunately, if we’re given wrong the information at this point it can prove expensive as we often use external contractors who charge us call-out fees.

So, to improve the repairs process for everyone, it’s really important that we get the initial stage right as this will enable us to identify which kind of trade contractor is needed, for example an electrician, plumber or carpenter.

Providing us with as much information as you can about where and how the issue has occurred will also help us to ensure that the repair you’re reporting is dealt with as quickly and effectively as possible. Essentially, we need to know what the problem is, where in the house or garden it is and how long it has been going on.

Ideally, we want to receive photographs of the problem too (if it’s not an emergency) as pictures can really help us in diagnosing the issue before we visit the property. Once you’ve reported a repair, please send any accompanying images to us at [email protected].

We’ve also recently tightened up our own internal processes and our call handling is now better than ever. Needless to say, Reside is committed to getting repairs right for our tenants so that they can continue to be safe and live well in their homes.”






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