Reside signs up to new plan aiming to strengthen links between housing associations and tenants

Monday, 8 April 2019

Together with Tenants is a draft plan that has been introduced by the National Housing Federation (NHF) to strengthen the relationship between housing associations and tenants.

We have signed up as an early adopter so we can ensure our most vulnerable tenants get their voices heard in whatever measures are rolled out.

The National Housing Federation is leading the housing sector response to increasing the accountability of housing associations to tenants and has put the plan out to consultation. This a result of green paper on housing and the desire to increase ‘consumer’ accountability against the housing consumer standards.

As a specialist supported housing provider we were keen to be an early adopter of Together with Tenants  to ensure what gets rolled out meets the needs of our sector as well as the general needs housing sector.

The principles are very much in line with our values and we want to ensure guidance is practical and meaningful in our context. 15% of all social housing is supported housing and our most vulnerable tenants can be those that need the most support to have their voices heard.You can read more about the plan here:

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