Lucy’s story

Lucy lives in a home that Reside sourced for her in Stevenage – she has been there for two years. She has autism and mental health needs and is supported by a team from Fortiscare. “The staff are with me every day and we eat together which is really nice,” she says.  “I like home cooking, and so sometimes I cook tuna pasta bake, or a chilli or curry – I love my spices!”

At Reside we work very hard to focus on the person and their needs when finding housing and proximity to family is often a key consideration. Lucy enjoys living in Stevenage because her family are nearby. “Before I moved here, I was in Essex,” she says. “I only saw my mum and dad once a month. It was hard, especially as my parents aren’t together.”

Like lots of 24 year olds, Lucy loves to go shopping and then come home and chill out. “I like to go out and do stuff; sometimes I go bowling,” she says. “I also like to crochet. I’m learning by watching YouTube videos. I find it relaxing and it takes my mind off all the stress I have. I like playing my Xbox at home too. My favourite game is Assassin’s Creed. It’s a good game, even though it has fighting!”

Feeling calm and supported in her home is hugely important to Lucy, and Fortiscare has played a big role in helping her to look after her mental health. “My mood can change often, but I haven’t caused myself harm for the past month and I feel settled,” she explains. “I have had a drinking problem in the past as well, and I nearly had to move out of my place because of it. It really shook me up, but I managed to overcome it with support from my mental health team.”

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