Chris’s Story

Chris has Down’s syndrome and autism. Due to his complex support needs, he has been in and out of hospital most of his life.

After Chris’s last six-year spell in hospital, Reside worked with him, his support provider and the NHS to find a suitable home so he could at last enjoy living within the community.

We worked together to buy and adapt a house in the Newcastle area, providing a safe, comfortable home where he can receive the level of support he needs.

The move has transformed Chris’s life. He says: “I love my new home. I love my bedroom the most as I am a massive Sunderland fan, and my walls are red and white stripes.”

Having had the garden levelled for Chris, he can now indulge his passion for playing football. The move to more independent living has also improved his relationship with his family.

Chris says: “I don’t like it when strangers come to my house but Reside always let me know when they are coming and talk to me when they come. I like them coming to my house as they help fix my house and make my house safe.

“I can be independent in my home and I’m learning new things about myself. Thanks to the continuous support from my support provider and Reside, I am thriving in my new home and so glad that I am no longer in a hospital.”

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