Marlon’s story

Marlon, 53, lives in one of Reside’s properties in London where he receives daily support to help him manage learning difficulties and mental health challenges.

With support and encouragement from care providers, he recently enrolled on a gardening course at the local college and has discovered the joys of growing his own vegetables.

“I feel very happy and proud of myself. Going to college has given me the opportunity to make new friends and meet different people. Doing gardening keeps me occupied and satisfied,” he says.

Staff agree that Marlon’s home-grown produce is excellent  – and that his self confidence and sense of accomplishment has grown along with his gardening skills.  He’s now attending another course in animal care, which he is also enjoying.

‘Without supported housing, it would have been a very difficult life for me,” Marlon explains. “I am able to get all the necessary support and care which means I can survive and lead a better life.”

Marlon is now planning his future and is looking forward to getting a paid job using some of his new found skills, confidence and independence.

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