Stephen’s story

On leaving prison five years ago, Stephen had serious mental health difficulties and needed round the clock care from two carers. He moved into supported housing through Reside and began the process of rebuilding his life.

Now, he says he’s very happy and feels like he is living in a holiday camp. He enjoys chatting with staff, putting on music concerts, visiting the shops and has recently redecorated his room at his own expense; installing new flooring, disco lights and a new bed.

Family has become a new priority; he visits his mum in her care home regularly and has reconnected with his children and three grandchildren.  He is back in touch with his father and is able to take him out for a drink and a meal, and recently met up with his brother for the first time in 30 years.

Five years on, Stephen no longer needs full-time care and, with support, has his independence back.

I want to..
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