Tristan’s story

Tristan, 36, is one of our tenants and lives in Norwich. He has ADHD and Asperger’s syndrome. He recently completed a 26-mile walk along Marriott’s Way from Norwich to Aylsham to raise funds for St Martins, a local charity that has helped him to live independently.

The walk took 10 hours, and despite the odd blister and a lot of gnat bites, it went well. The walk took him along an old disused railway line, where nature has taken over. “My parents joined me for the first mile and a half. Angie, one of my support workers, met me halfway and then my counsellor walked the last mile with me,” says Tristan. “It didn’t feel like 10 hours, but the last mile was a killer! It’s a beautiful walk though, with lots to see along the way”.

Not only did Tristan raise over £1,200, he wanted to inspire people who live with the same condition as him to believe in their abilities. “It was about proving to other people that if they focus on their goals, they can do anything, regardless of diagnosis,” explains Tristan. “People like myself get told ‘no you can’t do that’ all the time. Actually we’re the same as everyone else, we just see the world from another perspective”.

Tristan has support from the Reablement Team at St Martins to help him keep on top of bills, attend doctor appointments and general admin. So as well as raising much-needed funds, Tristan also wanted to use the walk to highlight the difficulties of paying for activities, which aren’t covered by personal budgets.

“We pay a lot of money for our support services. What a lot of people don’t know is that personal budgets just pay for the support workers, but you have to make extra contributions for activities,” says Tristan.

“If I wanted to go swimming, bowling or even just out for a coffee, I have to pay for the support worker to come with me – it gets expensive.”

Tristan was touched by the amount of support he had for his walk and the kind donations. “It was just a perfect day. I’d like to thank everyone who supported me at St Martins and Reside.”

Photo credit: St Martins


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