Zoe’s story

Zoe, 26, has been a Reside tenant for nearly two years. She lives in a supported living property in Merseyside for young people with enduring mental health needs, autism and learning disabilities. Here, Zoe tells us about her experience of moving in and sharing with others.

“I moved here from hospital where I’d been for eight months, so the surroundings were different to what I was used to. When I saw the house, I knew I would be happy here. I met the manager and my team before I moved in, and had visits for lunch and tea. Moving into the house went smoothly – I was really excited but nervous at the same time.

“My hobby is tracking and watching planes, seeing where they are going or coming from. I also love Disney’s Lilo and Stitch and my suite has Stitch all over the place. I have a pet lizard too, called Sapphire. She is only a baby, 6-8 weeks old.

“Since moving here I have gained new friends in the house and made friendships with staff. I like the different personalities here, and every day is different. We always giggle and find things to make each other laugh. It’s a fun place to live. Everyone makes this our home.

“I like my own personal space sometimes, listening to music, playing on my PS4, and talking with my family and other friends. When I do join in for activities, we have a whiteboard where we write lovely notes to each other, including the staff. We have Quotes for the Day, and at the moment, we have a hangman challenge where we all join in and guess the name of the subject.

“I have become more independent with doing my laundry, cooking microwave meals and looking after my lizard. I’ve seen a massive improvement in my mental health because of all the help I’m getting from the mental health team. This place has made me who I am today and I’m grateful for all the help I receive.”

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