Supported Living

Our tenants and their families tell their stories.

Daisy’s storyDaisy’s story

Daisy is a fun-loving young lady with complex health needs, but she does not let that get in her way. After 11 years of searching for a housing solution that meets her needs, 34-year-old Daisy has finally moved into a bungalow in a village near Leeds.

Daisy's Story

Martyn’s storyMartyn’s story

Martyn, 44 is a tenant in one of our properties in County Durham. Despite an acquired brain injury which had a devastating impact on his physical and mental wellbeing, he is now beginning to live independently

Martyn 's Story

John-Paul, Brian and John’s storyJohn-Paul, Brian and John’s story

John-Paul, Brian and John are our tenants at one of our properties in Liverpool, supported by support worker Sam and manager Justine, along with five other staff.

John-Paul, Brian and John's Story

Catherine’s storyCatherine’s story

Catherine, 28, lives in a shared house in Tyne & Wear. She has a physical disability which affects her speech and she has autism.  

Catherine's Story

Tristan’s storyTristan’s story

Tristan, 36, has been a Reside tenant since 2018. He recently completed a 26-mile walk to raise funds for a local charity that has helped him to live independently.

Tristan's Story

Lucy’s storyLucy’s story

Our tenant Lucy, 24, has autism and mental health needs. She feels calm and supported in her home and lives near her family in Hertfordshire.

Lucy's Story

Christopher’s storyChristopher’s story

Our tenant Christopher, aged 38, has Down’s Syndrome and autism. He lives near Sunderland in a detached bungalow and has been there for two years.

Christopher's Story

Zoe’s storyZoe’s story

Zoe, 26, has been a Reside tenant for nearly two years. She lives in a supported living property in Merseyside for young people with enduring mental health needs, autism and learning disabilities.

Zoe's Story

Stephen’s storyStephen’s story

Stephen, 50, has Huntington’s Disease and a learning disability. He lives in an adapted bungalow with three other tenants in Tyne and Wear.

Stephen's Story

Simon’s storySimon’s story

Simon, 32, has acquired brain injury and epilepsy. He has been a Reside tenant for the last seven years.

Simon's Story

Simon’s storySimon’s story

Simon was born with right-sided hemiplegia which has led to a learning disability and epilepsy. He has been living in his house since January 2021.

Simon's Story

Kelly Ann’s storyKelly Ann’s story

Kelly Ann is deaf and has been a Reside tenant for two years. She lives with her dog Megan.

Kelly Ann's Story

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