Turning a house into a home

Tuesday, 13 July 2021

Reside’s Head of Business Development, Tammy Murray, went to Manchester recently to visit a newly acquired property which is undergoing renovations. In her blog she talks about the impact it will have on the prospective tenant and why it’s so rewarding to see our properties take shape.

“Up until now because of lockdown we’ve only looked at pictures and architectural drawings of this house and sometimes it’s tricky to visualise the adaptations. To visit in person and see the work in progress was great. I could see the changes unfolding and how it will meet the needs of our tenant. It was also brilliant to meet our project manager Andrew and the builders on site and really get a feel for the work they are doing.

I can also understand why one of the builders described it as a “great buy” because the house is in a secluded, quiet road in a Manchester suburb.

The tenant who will be moving in has spent a long time in hospital, so it’s fantastic to work with the contractors and the project managers on a 12-week program to make the right adaptations to suit her complex needs. For example, a bespoke front entrance will be built for privacy.

The tenant’s father was involved at an early stage as we searched for properties, while the tenant’s occupational therapist at the hospital and the support provider MacIntrye have given their input to ensure the property is just right. We’re working on changing doorways and improving the flow of the rooms. We’ve made sure there are double doors into the bedroom and the en-suite bathroom to improve the entrances.

As we are using grant funding from the NHSE Transforming Care program, we have regular engagement with the NHSE lead and the commissioning team to give updates. We’ve also submitted costings as part of the Disability Financial Grant application which will support certain aspects of the build.

For me, it’s a satisfying process. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. It’s going to be a home and it gives me such a sense of achievement. We’re supporting somebody to come out of a long-term stay in hospital and live in their own home, in a community. For that alone it will be worth every penny.”

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